FMT - B2B Services

FMT assists companies with integration, automation, and the management of processes with their suppliers, partners, and customers through business-to-business (B2B) exchange. We know how important it is to manage business processes, but we also emphasize building community and promoting collaboration through advanced integration methodologies and technology. With our B2B services, your organization will increase visibility across trading communities and within your organization.

Our B2B approach provides the following

  • Increased visibility and service to your customers

  • Real-time performance analysis

  • Streamlined collaboration with your partners

  • Application of proven systems to practical business processes

  • Reduced operational expenses

  • Industry standards and data security compliance

  • Scalable platforms

FMT - B2B Consulting Services

We can provide different kinds of alignments between you and your partners. We will monitor the potential partners of your company, negotiate a deal and make different types of alignments e.g. JV, Collaboration in certain fields such as joint marketing, joint research, joint production, strategic alliances, etc. Amongst our services in B2B, we provide expertise on technology exchange between our clients and / or their potential partners. Providing such services for High- tech companies and knowledge based organizations is a delicate matter and needs experience. We can provide you with such experience and expertise. Firms need different types of helps in their life cycle. Enjoy our services in finding a suitable partner to complete you through collaboration, Joint venture, etc. During last two decades we have gathered a large data bank of firms active in fields related to our expertise

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