Big Data & Analytics

Our Analytical services offerings are suited for companies looking at BI products both on-premise and on demand. You could either be thinking about BI and wondering how and where to start at one end or you could have a BI Center of Excellence (COE) and thinking about the next value for money project on the other end.

We believe that BI and Analytics would be driving force for strategic as well as tactical decision making as companies would look for new and innovative ways to process data (structured and unstructured) to solve business problems in their businesses. These areas could include, inter alia:

Providing KPI information to key stakeholders on a regular basis

Dashboards to senior executives clearly aligning their business objectives with identifiable and measurable performance metrics

Transaction reports for operational staff to better understand their daily operational performance

Ad-hoc reports to help answer inquisitive and probing questions

Solving complex business problems pertaining to, amongst others, marketing, sales and promotions, supply chain management, financial performance or procurement and spend analytics

Our Analytical Service offering brings value to your organization by providing expertise to help you attain your business objectives.

Big Data has 3 dimensions

  • Very Large Data Volumes - Measured in terabytes or petabytes

  • Very Large Data Volumes - Measured in terabytes or petabytes

  • Variety - Structured and Unstructured Data

  • High Velocity - Rapidly Changing Data

Until now there was no technology available to get meaningful information out of these varied data sources. Big Data Analytics provides us an opportunity to find insights into new emerging data. It can help you answer key business questions in real-time.

FMT Big Data Service Offerings include

FMT offers consulting, implementation, and support services in Big Data Analytics

Big Data Consulting Services

  • Evaluation of technology and opting the right platform

  • Architecture Assessment and Definition

  • Prototyping & Benchmarking

Big Data Implementation Services

  • Installing and Configuring Hadoop on new environment

  • Developing applications using MapReduce Programming

  • Analytical Application Development like web log analysis or social media analysis using Hadoop, Hive etc.

Big Data Support Services

  • Hadoop Cluster Monitoring

  • Configure Hadoop for performance optimization

  • Load data into Hadoop's Distributed File System (HDFS)

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